Computer Repairs and Services Prescott and Prescott Valley Arizona Best

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Computer Repairs and Services Prescott and Prescott
Valley Arizona Best
Prescott and Prescott Valley's Best
Computer Repair and Service
Need it Fixed? Today?
leave a message here... 480-442-2493
Call "PC" Kevin, the "I'll Fix It!" guy!
Fast, friendly service!
Computer Hardware and Software Problem Solver!

Is your network a not-work?
Home and small business network setups, upgrades, and repairs.
Tri-city WiFi guy! I can test your location for the best placement,
security, and configuration of your wifi network.

Not sure how to install your...
New Camera, Printer, Scanner, or DVD burner?
Or any other hardware problems..."I'll Fix It!"

Trouble with your ipod?
Can't Make copies of your DVDs?
Or any other software problems..."I'll Fix It!"

Want to (legally) download free music and videos?

New to Computers?
I can setup your new computer in your home, and help you to get
started using it!
How about getting some Tutoring!
Personal tutoring in the comfort of your own home. Your computer
questions will be answered by a knowledgeable, friendly, good, clean
guy! Yavapai College offers some great beginner classes in P.V. (at
the High School) and I recommend these classes, but for those who want
private lessons, in a relaxed and productive session, call PCKevin
Learn how to use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, email, or any other
software programs.
Get help from a Microsoft Windows expert!
Learn to use Windows 7!
Set up your webcam for video chats

Problems with your email?
"I'll Fix It!"
Sending and receiving email is a pretty easy computer task. Adding a
photo to an email, to send to your friends, or receiving an email with
a photo, attached to it is wonderful!
But there are times when there is something not quite right. That's a
good time to call me!

Lost an important document?
Best data recovery guy in town! "I'll Fix It!"
Do you need to get some important, personal, private data back?
Discreet service and good reputation go hand in hand, and none of your
recovered data is at risk with PCKevin. While there is no guarantee of
success with any data recovery attempts, I have been very successful
at it!

Can't get your wifi to work?
I'll fix it!

Got virus?
"I'll Fix It!"

Is your computer running slower or stopping?
Does your computer crash or restart every few minutes?
I can get your computer back on track!

Need to sell stuff online?
Online retail website setups..."I'll Fix It!"
Tips on using ebay and craigslist
Ebay consignment sales "I'll SELL It!"
Do you need photos taken of your items?

Serving Prescott Valley Since 1996

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