Antibiotics/Hormones in junk foods, medicine ads , proprietary Internet video standards, bankers and appointed politicians and no financing for alternative energy, transportation costs and bankrupt workers, Solar Decathlon 2009

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Health Care costs and Transportation-Energy costs are the make or
break issues

Congress must really stand-up on these issues :

a) Ban antibiotics ( at least 7 types) from healthy chicken,pig and
cattle, and to really show they care for the people , work to ban
commercial cheap steroids and hormone mixes that push growth and are
included in most feeds, a known cancer and huge stomach problem

b) Pass a big Tax on sugar sodas and keep those "sugar and junk foods
snacks " window trucks away from schools and the kids, they are
waiting for the kids to get out of schools every day and take the kids
money and health, like vampires.


c) Ban ads for medications, the TV networks use the Taxpayers airwaves
for free and yet they push ads for Pharmaceutical products like freaks
screaming on an idiot's show , which is what sends medicine costs
through the roof, it's the ads , the agencies, the reps, the talent ,
the lawyers , the TV executives and the TV LIES.

d) CBO's Elmendorf comes from the Brookings think tank, the same spin
center that insisted that the Iraq War was going to be a " walk in the
park" paid by Iraqi oil ,that biological and nuclear bombs were going
to rain on America if we didn't invade Iraq, that America's Foreign
Oil and Gas dependency is a natural thing,they were the biggest
pushers for financial de-regulation : "...Give the markets a free
hand... Free Markets know best... " , and on and on, a list of
disasters that has cost taxpayers and consumers trillions of dollars ,
so why they even get to spin any more ?
and who the Brookings Institute works for ? who gives them the money ?
who is behind their spin ?

e) The fact is that Japan and Canada are good places to check for
health solutions, but since c-span ,PBS and NPR are run by neocons
working for the Pharma-Insurance-HMO lobby, we never even get to
compare...nothing but when are we going to : 1) take the
neocon lobby out of c-span , 2 ) audit the Federal Reserve and end the
sweet deals between some neocons inside the Fed and some Banks-Hedge
Funds , some Pharma and some Insurance executives? when ?

and never mind the FCC and rural broadband , it will never happen,
with the new executive team, they will pass all the contracts to Barry
Diller,Rupert Murdoch,the Roberts of Comcast, Qualcomm,Haim
Saban ,Slim Helu , Sam Zell and some of their associates in the Hedge-
Fund world, a really nice deal, but about broadband for health care
and national video-conference to cut costs : never ! , and about
breaking the monopoly that Flash has over video on the Internet by
giving consumers a choice with HTML 5 , JavaScript and Ajax : never !
it's another lie ...

And they will use all these "fabricated" failures to show in 2010 that
the Obama -Biden agenda is a disaster and to get votes, and all done
from the inside , isn't wonderful?

f ) when we read in the New York Times , July 19, 2009, that banks
that got billions in taxpayers bail-out money get to have the chief of
staff of the White House, general Emanuel, to visit their Board
Meetings in D.C., probably to secure "after W.H." multi-million dollar
jobs,and make sure bankers know what to do to "be nice", isn't any
wonder there is no money for Health Care but it took only 24 hours to
spend 700 billion dollars in TARP for the Banks and Financial
Institutions that created and benefited from the 2008 Financial Mess ?
and they will blame Obama -Biden for having their staff visiting D.C.
Banks Meetings while small businesses cannot get loans and Wind and
Solar Energy Projects are stuck without finance, no money for anyone,
but the chief of staff of the W.H. gets to secure his future "golden-
job" in private industry ... wonderful , eh ?

America cannot get out of the 2008 Financial Disaster while its
workers can only choose between "Kantucka Fried Plastic Chicken" and
"Popoyo greasy spoon on polymer left-over feed " and all loaded with
junk, with cheap cooking oils , with colorants and sugar, workers with
sick stomachs cannot create solutions, America needs a revolution in
foods, fast and slow, we need a total change.

Today America needs new advanced battery and hybrid-electric-plug-in
motor factories , new solar and wind energy farms, new and up-graded
electric grids, America's homes and buildings are waiting for solar
panels, wind turbines and geothermal pumps where possible, and
millions of workers can't wait to get some good training and a jump-
start , and the time is right now !

The food and the fuel for transportation is what will break or make
America, we cannot be what we want to be when workers must spend 10,20
or 30 dollars a day on transportation, fuels,insurance, repairs,etc.,
etc., and workers can only afford junk food and bad stomach
medication, so it's about cheap and easy transportation and good
healthy and cheap
foods, if we get this right, America can do it, but if we continue
with junk foods and expensive fuels, we will go down, but will
Washington D.C. stand up to the challenge? do they see it ? do they
care ?

The 2009 Solar Decathlon is in 2 months

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