Helping My Mother Save Her eye sight.

From: Shawna Kent (kshawn...)

Hi my name is Shawna Kent and I recently sent out an email to try to get
outside help with her financial problem. The thing is that she's the only
person that I have to in my life that will help me no matter what the
situation may be. I have two daughters that has just started school and they
are only five and nine. And they have only just begone life and acheiving
the best for themselves. My mom is only 51 years old and shes losing site in
both of her eyes from Cataract. And in order to save her sight, she must
have a laser surgery done. We wouldnt normally do something like this, but
we have no choice. Shes been denied Medicaid and Medicare. And cant get
medicaid throught Social Security and on top of that she has been denied her
SSI like 4 times. But to put all that aside She has an emergency situation
which could result in being permanatly blind in 2-3 months. So to all those
who wants to help please contact me at my internet site
at([email protected]) or write me at (124 Brantley Circle, Indianola,
Ms 38751.

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