Needing Emergency Financial Help

From: Shawna Kent (kshawn...)

Hi, My name is Sarah Kent, and I am 51 years old and have two grand kids
ages nine and five. The reason why Im posting this site is to get Emergency
Fnancial and Medical Help. My oldest daughter Shawna is posting this
important message for me to spread across ,the internet to get help or
donations for my surgery. I just recently about two days ago that I was
going blind in my left eye from Catarat and its in the stage where I need to
get surgery to fix the problem before its to late. And before long I will be
blind in the right eye. And the sad part about it I havent even seen my
grands grow up and experience life as I did. I am here online to try all
efforts. Alot of people will be ashamed of putting there business out there
for the public, but me personally I'm in need and its an emergency. And
anyone thats willing to lend support or donations please send to: 124
Brantley Circle, Indianola, Mississippi 38751. C/) Sarah Kent or Shawna
Kent. Thanks For The Support.................

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