Arson suspect likely sent novel to KyoAni

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Arson suspect likely sent novel to KyoAni
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A man with the same name as the suspect in the fatal arson attack on
Kyoto Animation Co.’s studio submitted a novel to the company in the
past, a lawyer for Kyoto Animation said Tuesday.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba, 41, from Minuma
Ward, Saitama, on suspicion of murder and other allegations involving
the arson attack that killed 35 people in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto.

Aoba reportedly made comments accusing the company of stealing his novel
at the time he was apprehended by police. However, Kyoto Animation
lawyer Daisuke Okeda has said, “I’m positive none of the works created
by the company are identical or similar to the novel.”

Kyoto Animation announced on July 20 — two days after the incident —
that it had not received a novel from the suspect. However, the company
subsequently decided to recheck submissions after the media reported
part of Aoba’s address and other information, and discovered a work from
someone with the same name and address as the suspect, according to Okeda.

The novel did not pass the first screening because it did not follow the
proper format. Information on the novel was therefore not disseminated
within the company, resulting in the announcement that the suspect had
made no submission, the lawyer said.

The company has held the Kyoto Animation Awards since 2009, soliciting
novels and other works from the public and then choosing winners to be
published under its KA Esuma Bunko label or made into anime. Whether
Aoba submitted his novel for the awards is unknown.

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