Victims' names renew KyoAni grief

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Victims' names renew KyoAni grief
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NARA/KYOTO/SAITAMA (Jiji Press) — Following Friday's announcement of the
names of 10 of the 35 victims of the July 18 arson attack on Kyoto
Animation Co.'s No. 1 studio in Kyoto, fans visited “holy sites” related
to works from the famed animation company, known affectionately as
KyoAni, and prayed for the deceased.

The city of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture, is said to be featured in
“Kyokai no Kanata” (Beyond the Boundary), which was created with the
participation of Mikiko Watanabe, 35, one of the 10 victims, who served
as art director for the work.

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The Demachimasugata shopping street in Kyoto's Kamigyo Ward is known
as the model for “Tamako Market,” whose production was joined by Futoshi
Nishiya, 37, a victim in the attack.

The number of visitors to the shopping street began to increase after
the start of the television broadcasting of the anime in 2013, local
people said.

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Yasuhiro Machida, a 48-year-old resident of Kuki, Saitama Prefecture,
visited Washinomiya Shrine in the city, a holy site in popular KyoAni
anime series “Lucky Star,” which was directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto, 47,
a victim of the attack.

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Views mixed on disclosure of KyoAni victim names
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