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By 1888, London was the largest capital in the world and the center of
the ever-increasing British empire. Queen Victoria had been on the
throne for over 50 years and the public face of Britain reflected
Victoria’s lifestyle; proud, dignified and above all, proper.

It was the center of empire, culture, finance, communication and
transportation, with a new emerging mass media called the new
journalism, later to be dubbed the tabloids.

However, right on its doorstep in the East End lay the district of
Whitechapel. Seedy by any standards, it was a crime-ridden sordid
quarter, where 78,000 residents lived in abject poverty. It was an area
of doss houses, sweatshops, abattoirs, overcrowded slums, pubs, a few
shops and warehouses, leavened with a row or two of respectably kept

Whitechapel housed London’s worst slums and the poverty of its
inhabitants was appalling. In fact, malnutrition and disease was so
widespread that its inhabitants had about a 50/50 chance of living past
the age of five years old.

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