Google Nemesis - $2 Million-A-Year ClickBank Profiteer "Raids" Google for $1500 Every Day, Offers The Secret

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A highly successful Clickbank affiliate marketing multimillionaire has announced that he is offering Google AdWords success secrets and affiliate marketer training in the software for only a fraction of the cost it took him to discover them.

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A man who calls himself "Chris" says he spent nine months and $60,000 of his own fortune to crack the codes of those he calls the "shadow elite"--a totally secretive group of Internet affiliate marketing insiders who know the most powerful secrets of making millions of dollars almost effortlessly with Google AdWords and website "splash pages". This shadow elite does not want its secrets known because it doesn・t like competitors. But Chris shadowed the shadow elite and applied his own expertise to figure out their methods. He says there・s so much money to be made in the already $6 billion a year Internet Clickbank affiliate marketing industry that he fears no competition, and that・s why he・s willing to sell the secrets through his proprietary software and e-book that can allow anybody to join the "shadow elite".

He calls his product Google Nemesis.

"I・ve created the ultimate .point and click・ software tool which [my team and I] have already used to raid Google for gains like $69,853 in 48 days and $1,477 in 24 hours" says Chris. "I am the man who single-handedly launched the fastest selling affiliate training guide in the industry, and trained over 30,000 ClickBank wealth-seekers using my underground tactics. For the past three years I have lived, breathed, studied, and practically spent every minute .shadowing・ the biggest, best, and most successful underground Clickbank affiliates in the Internet Marketing industry"

When Chris first cracked the code of the shadow elite, he tested their methods and made himself $42,150 in less than two weeks--and he did this by working at it for less than an hour a day.

He continues, "This new method of profiting takes very little time once you are up to speed. Most affiliates spend hours setting up their campaigns, tweaking their ad spend, and struggling to guess where the money was being made. The shadow elite approach seemed to dispense with all of that. The maximum time needed was just a few hours each week V- on many days, there was no action to be taken whatsoever. Moreover, I discovered that the shadow elite have access to their own secret software which did most of the work for them. It reduced hours of work to a couple of clicks"

Chris also points out that he knows most affiliate marketers have been burned and lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time checking out other offers that seem similar to his own. But he is confident that his new system is one-of-a-kind and that all his testing has proven it real, and it will prove itself real to anyone who buys it.

As an affiliate marketer, with his software and system, you don・t need to know a thing about affiliate marketing to profit from it because his team has designed the system so that even a nine year old can operate it. You don・t need a website because the push-button software will create an unlimited number of cash-pulling web pages for you quickly and easily, without you having to learn a single thing about HTML. And, you don・t need piles of money to invest in marketing because their tool actually predicts conversion rates; the amount needed to launch a campaign is reduced to near nothingness.

"You can get started within 30 minutes [and] clone my exact blueprint [because] Google Nemesis is not about some academic theory" says Chris. "You can profit part-time, working only a few minutes each day. Once you・re up to speed, the entire process will take as little as 20 minutes per day. I like to make my money and live my life V- and I always tell my students to work at their own pace. It・s your life, and with money as a non-issue, you can finally live it" he concludes.


Google Nemesis is proprietary software and a downloadable guide created by a multimillionaire Internet marketer to allow everyday people to use the same money-making secrets as the most successful and wealthy Clickbank and Google AdWords affiliate marketers. Visit for additional details.

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