Professional PC Karaoke System with 21000+ Songs

From: Brunchbar (brunch...)

This a professional system this that will turn your laptop/pc into a
professional karaoke machine. It consists of a 160GB hard disk with all
software to run the system and songs included and pre-installed for
portability and ease of use..
The software will allow you to run 2 screens simultaneously, 1 screen for
operating the system and 1 for displaying lyrics. (This option is only
available as long as you have 2 outputs on your pc or external monitor on
laptop). It has a search function and a keychange function and also allows
you to queue singers all with ease. The software is capable of playing cd,
cd+g, mp3 & mp3+g. There are 21000+ songs included ranging from the late
50's to the present day.

This system is used everywhere by entertainers due to it's portability and
ease of use

Please note that the karaoke software will need to be registered at a cost
of £30 which will give your personal serial/ key

All instructions for installing and configuring is included.

Please note pc or audio equipment not included.

£150.00 plus PP
Please contact me for further information.

Will Ship Worldwide


[email protected]

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