Merry Christmas To You

From: W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net (willia...)


Well this time I know I’m not coming home
But I’m thinking of you more than ever
These waves are crashing down
And all I can remember is lying on the ground
I know your prayers are there for me
Would you please add someone else’s as well
Might be a long long time before we see each other again
But at least this time, Christmas time
I know I am at home with you again
Please remember I so much as dared care for more than just you
And for what I know that you don’t know of
Many people like me
Who live the same way as you
Please remember this moment my friend
My true love
I am coming home again
Merry Christmas to you
I am coming home
Merry Christmas to you

Copyright 2004 ASCAP / 2020 BMI
Musicality Music International Company BMI

Created less than 12 hours before the Christmas day tsunami of South
East Asia and about the biggest earthquake since the age of Dinosaurs.
The harmonica moves as if the key of G were waves and the word “storm
warning” is performed via Hohner Blues harmonica in the key of G. The
song, 3:47 in length is by Gods design, the numbers of the total number
of people killed, 350,000 in less than 3 weeks. This song is dedicated
to those living and lost in the entire southeast Asian region and
forever always will be free for the Asian community worldwide

Merry Christmas

William Mahler

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