Re: OT : Laskys hi-fi store from many years ago

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On Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 1:17:23 AM UTC+1, bargainhunter wrote:
> Anyone remember the Laskys store in Brighton from at least 15 years
> ago ? I think Laskys or Laskeys was a chain to do with Dixons ?? I
> only ask as I notice there is a Laskys online retailer now...

Laskys had 43 stores from Aberdeen in Scotland down to the South coast and was staffed by very well trained staff. They were owned by Ladbrokes and run by their founder Peter Klein for many years. I will post more soon.

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OT : Laskys hi-fi store from many years ago... by bargainhunter on Apr 30th 2008, 00:17