New IRC Channel: #moderncalcs

From: Radical NetSurfer (skepti...)

IRC Server: Freenode
IRC Channel: #moderncalcs

#moderncalcs created December 2005 is intended as a real-time
chat channel for anyone using any model of
calculator, especially those of modern design. However, any
topic is acceptable.

The channel is set up as a self-help channel:

This means that those of you who join in this real-time irc chat are
expected to share your knowledge with others. Pass along any
tips you have discovered on your own, or learned from others, web
with valuable information, and the like.

This is a new irc channel! It is just now getting started!
Therefore, please do not be surprised if when you check it out there
might not be too many present... help us get going by joining, it is
ok to remain idle in the channel (as long as it does not interfear
with anyone).

This is to be considered a 100% family-rated channel!
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any unacceptable topic or material
be permitted in the channel.

Unlike usenet, irc chat is real time chat with other people!
Everyone see's what you type and can respond to you immediately.
Please use proper courtesy, punctuation, and grammer.
Please remember that some users might not have English as their
native language, so please lets set a good example for them.

You may share this message with others to help spread the word.

Thank you,
RadSurfer op #moderncalcs on Freenode IRC Server.

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