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From: David Brooks ([email protected])

Nobody replied to me. :-(

Do YOU know who Lipman is?


On 27/07/2009 21:29, ~BD~ wrote:
> nha wrote: (in '')
> Enjoy! (at my expense!)
>> The following, although seemingly entered in what you believe to be
>> something you term Usenet, is only visible by "Boater Dave" and his
>> many aliases.
>> *This is everything that you'll be permitted to know about Mr. David
>> H. Lipman.*
>> Mr. David H. Lipman is a classified pseudonym given to a rather large
>> group of life forms. The entire present, known, living antimalware
>> section is known as "Dave" and is part of the overall secret
>> organization, possibly called "Them" or "They". The present section's
>> roster was recruited by several un-named intergalactic powers to fight
>> the never ending battle against malware and their ne'er do well
>> authors.
>> The section is seemingly located on a seaboard of a large earth
>> continent, but in fact merely cloaks one of its many ultra secret
>> portals to a vast hardened inter-dimensional underground bunker where
>> the "Dave" toils in the never ending battle against malware, while
>> maintaining some loose associations with JIC, GCHQ, NSA, Lekem, and
>> Good Guys without borders.
>> Although now known to many as the highly valued & secretive "Malware
>> Community", Dave agents have been recruited from many planets. Once
>> trained, and surgically modified, the highly coveted and experienced
>> Dave section members are highly compensated. Alas, once injected with
>> the mandatory mind control devices, a Dave can never safely return to
>> their home planets or families, but do enjoy limited inter-dimensional
>> time travel and reported shape shifting.
>> So we're sure you will understand that "few are called and fewer are
>> chosen". Therefore you must ever silently await your notification
>> while simultaneously divesting your long-term CONFIRMED membership
>> with the "Bad Guys". Future unauthorized posts as follows will render
>> your request for limited observer status, permanently null and void.
>> Inappropriate demands for posts
>> Any and all nym shifting
>> Communications & associations with any and all Bad Guys
>> Unauthorized & inappropriate identity demands
>> Misappropriating posts of others
>> Mental excursions from the real world
>> Leadership or member claims in Good Guys
>> Posting any full texts where URLs clearly exist
>> Other deviant behaviors and wrong doing as identified by Them
>> Beware! They have recorded your entire life and forever monitor you
>> through multiple body implants.
>> The Malware Community Cabal

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Can this be true? ;>)... by ~BD~ on Jul 27th 2009, 20:29