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Hi my name is lyle and i would like to share a place that I advertise my
business all for free and you can to.All it is, is a place just like this
group for you to meet up with and advertise free start a business or just
meet up with like minded people so you may share Ideas with.Presently I have
over 3,800 personel business contacts that are linked to well over 2,000,000
+ I hope this doesn't get me kick out of this group but it's people helping
people.You know and I know theirs not enough of that going around like their
use to be.Here is some info to help anyone and everyone and I hope it
benefits you all.

The Business Space!

You've heard of "MySpace", well here is a new website for business
professionals, "The Business Space".

You are invited to post a free profile on this site. Over 100,000 business
entrepreneurs can view your business information.


Lyle Monterville

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