PROJECT: New horse racing games for the Atari 2600 VCS and emulators

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I've started work on new Thoroughbred horse racing/steeplechase game titles for the Atari 2600. These new horses will be in the (closest Atari TIA shades to the) 8 standard colors used in Intellivision's famous classic *Horse Racing* game cartridge:
1—PINK; 2—RED; 3—ORANGE; 4—YELLOW; 5—GREEN; 6—BLUE; 7—VIOLET (purple); 8—WHITE
These horses are drawn according to their designs used in the Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade game title *Steeplechase* for the Atari 2600—that's the game derived from the original 6-player arcade machine classic, only pared down to 4 players (4 player lanes on a scrolling track field—4 horses race at a time). The sprite strip files for these horses will be uploaded onto the *A2600 Projects* directory on Google Drive.
The colors for these 8 horses are colored in the closest Atari TIA shades to the INTV standard 8-color race horse stable that INTV uses; remember that these TIA colors look somewhat different from the color shades available in INTV:
1 PINK FC-B4-B4 $4E
2 RED 9C-20-20 $42
3 ORANGE BC-8C-4C $28
5 GREEN 5C-9C-5C $C6
6 BLUE 38-40-B0 $84
7 VIOLET 78-3C-A4 $64
The lanes for the scrolling race track will alternate between a darker shade and a lighter shade of a given color, according to the track field types (dirt/turf/mud):
TURF TRACK 00-3C-00 $C0 20-5C-20 $C2
MUDDY TRACK 44-28-00 $F0 64-48-18 $F2
Along the fence line, there'll be indicators for each half-furlong and full furlong; the half-furlongs are marked by red signs, while the full furlongs are marked by blue signs. Here're the TIA color shades used:
HALF-FURLONG 88-00-00 $40
FULL FURLONG 00-00-88 $80
There'll also be a STARTING GATE (something that was missing from Sears' *Steeplechase* game title from 1980), comprised of 5-pixel high panels that open when the horses burst forth from the gate. THEY'RE OFF!!
For steeplechase games, there're also an assortment of HURDLES that're 3 pixels high (a 3-wide NARROW, 6-wide MID-WIDTH, and 9-wide WIDE), as well as a 3 × 6 pixel WATER HAZARD HURDLE (that was also missing from the original 1980 game title). An illuminated FINISH LINE and accompanying FINISH LINE POST are also included.
The new games will need newly-programmed sound files:
(digitized) *The Call To The Post* (for the starting gate load-up)
(digitized) race horse hoof beats (played during the game)
(digitized) stick whip sound (played whenever a player presses a button on the controller to whip the horse)
(digitized) crowd cheers (played periodically during the race, and after the horses cross the finish line at the end)
I'll also need (at least) 3 playfields (for the dirt/turf/muddy tracks) that'll scroll to the right (with the fence, posts, and starting gate installed for all races; the hurdles are only installed on the turf course in steeplechase games). When placing the hurdles, try to program for both uniform and random placement.
I'll also need someone to disassemble the *Steeplechase* (Sears) game file, and post it as both a .TXT and an .ASM file.
Please look for the new sprite files on Google Drive soon! Thank You!

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