Affiliates Wanted!! Free IQ, the Marketplace For Ideas!

From: Bishido (bishiN...)

Free IQ, the Marketplace For Ideas!

This new site is combining ecommerce with the YouTube concept.
Imagine, if Amazon combined with YouTube with a Google Search
Why the hell does this matter to you? Here is why, and why you will
run over to this site and get started. This site has an affiliate program
that allows you to embed video on any site you want just like
YouTube. But when the person goes to the site and makes a
purchase, you get paid.

That's right... You get paid for promoting other peoples videos.

On top of that, there is a 1 year cookie.

But here is where it gets even more important that you get started
today. This is Web 2.0 at it's best. The videos have the latest
technology to that will allow ratings, relevancy, and scoring.

So that means, videos with more views will be more relevant that
others. So like the California gold rush of 1849, you want to be the
first to get going in your wagon. As you set your videos, and the sites
"Tips" to one of the top 100 sites in the world, your videos will have
more views because of first movers advantage as you load content
and place the relevant tags for it.
I am predicting, that this site may be part of a major corporate buy
out by Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo in the next 18 months.

Look, you have nothing to lose because you can signup for FREE and
get an upgraded account at no additional cost for a limited time while
it is in beta. Plus, as I said, there is an affiliate program to allow you
to signup new members and get paid on their efforts for 1 full year.

That is another reason why you want to sign up RIGHT NOW and
1 - Let everyone you can know, send to your list!
2 - Start loading content
3 -Start streaming other people's content to earn money!

Get started NOW right here:

Thanks & Have a great week,

P.S. - Just waiting a day to join can allow thousands to get in before
you that you could have profited from so make sure to join now!

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