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Are we still independence-minded?

Here in America we have a reputation for holding the idea of independence
pretty high. But we need to be careful not to give too much power to
corporations that love to keep a hold on our lives.

Think about it. There are the credit agencies, such as banks, credit card
issuers, etc. that can end up with a lot of power over a person, or even
over an entire family. There are the advertisers who work very hard to
persuade us that we need to be thinking about this, buying that, and so on.
And along those same lines, there are the media people who very much want to
sway folks as to what we should think and feel about various issues.

But my main thought right now is the power companies themselves. The utility
companies and oil companies. We tend to gripe about these guys but then we
do very little to shake off the hold they can have over our entire

When I see the grip that electric companies and gas companies have, for
example, I wonder just how much we really cherish our freedom in this
country. It's not like we have no alternatives.

Alternative power is here. Some of our neighbors are using solar, wind
power, various geo-thermal power, and so on to either supplement or supply
their household power. The technology is here. It's working. But only a
relatively small number of people are going for it.

It's possible to heat your home all winter by using passive solar, wind
powered generators, and solar panels. Of course, the other big alternative
is also in place and being used by a larger number of people: wood heat.

Only when enough people are switching from total dependence on the electric
grid and/or gas lines to private power will we begin to see a real return to
independence-minded America.

Griping about poor leadership, griping about high prices, griping about the
economy -- none of this gets anything accomplished. Personal freedom &
independence never comes without a struggle. The "fight" has to be inside of
us before we will emerge as a free people. We can see this when we look at
nations such as Iraq. Why can't we see it in ourselves?

Real freedom cannot be given to us by other people. Politicians will never
be able to do it for us. It must be earned, forged, built with our own
hands. That's demonstrated in the history of our own nation. It's just as
true today as it ever was.

Anyway, just thinking about these things.


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