Re: Water fasting and weakness

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Do a 24 hour (or little longer if you tend to skip breakfast (excellent habit!) once a week.
After a few weeks try a 3 day fast (much more grueling).
Then a little longer after a few weeks.

You cannot eat processed/garbage foods and expect this to work....duh.
You cannot consume caffeine without migraines during the fast. Dump caffeine.
Things like smoking....duh. These have to go.
Fasting can wipe away many bad habits though and make it much easier to abstain from them after you finish our fast.

The goal is to work towards a long fast, usually about 40 days. At the end of your fast is when the body really goes to town and does a thorough house cleaning. This is because all fat reserves have been expended and now its seeking anything and everything it can use (growths and tumors) for fuel. So a faster should never stop before they get a ravenous hunger (the start of true starvation). That's when they should resume eating (very carefully and judiciously!). This point will be sooner probably for a lean person than someone who was overweight at the beginning of the fast. do not fast to lose weight. You fast to become healthy. When you become healthy the weight will drop off and you will return to your 20 year old body.

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