Fasting til you get a ravenous hunger

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I see many people online quitting a long fast at a set day, usually day 40. This is probably a grave error. The body uses fat for fuel during the fast and when the fat is spent looks for other things like growths and tumors.. Herbert Shelton noticed this conducting tens of thousands of fasts (probably the most experienced fasting expert that has ever lived). He noticed breast cancers especially decreasing or disappearing but only right at the end of the fast. He surmised the body was using anything it could for calories/fuel. If so, stopping the fast before the extreme hunger starts (which is the start of starvation) would prevent all this good work from happening. If someone is heavier its probably they will go a little longer than 40 days and if they are really lean the opposite. Please consider this when fasting for a set period. A few days could mean the difference of a tumor there or not.

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