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From: Once upon a time... (blinke...)

unexpected things

(some things are best left alone)

it has been said
rumored and declared
that old dogs
cannot be taught
new tricks

but old foxes have been known
to teach others
a trick or two
in order to save their own
scrawny necks

and i think a fox
has been talking
to a large bear
teaching him things
that should never
be passed along
to one so big
to creatures so dangerous

or maybe the griz
was just out of its mind
mad with murder
crazed by the pleasure
of the kill

who knows
I'm no expert

when i saw him
the bear was making a funny face
and as i drew nearer
i could hear him saying
hoppy hoppy hoppy
little bunny
hoppy hoppy hoppy

and then i heard
other sounds
crunching sounds
smacking sounds
a single loud gulping sound

i struggled with myself a moment
wanting to understand
but afraid
to disturb the bear
to ask him
right out
what he was doing
and why

finally my curiosity
overcame my common sense

excuse me
i said aloud
breaking into the quiet
and causing the bear
to turn around

what are you doing
what is that
you are saying
and why

the bear looked at me
surprise was there
on his face
but not as much
as i might have expected

and mixed with surprise
was a growing mirth
a smile that almost laughed

hoppy hoppy
he said to me
grinning a really big grin
hoppy hoppy hoppy
little man

at that point
i turned and ran away
as fast as i could
knowing that the experts
say it is futile
to run away
from a big bear

and close behind me
i heard a giggle
and then a laugh
the bear was gaining
giggling and gaining
chanting hoppy hoppy
all the way

call me sour and dour
if you want
but i was not
very hoppy
not very hoppy
at all

when i finally reached the road
i looked behind me
and saw nothing of the bear
i didn't wait around
hurrying to my car
i got in and drove home

137 miles in an hour and a half

taking a shower
watching tv
talking with friends
i tried to shake off
the strangeness of the day

well after midnight
i finally fell asleep

hours later
i awoke suddenly
from some dream
of baskets and a waterfall
or something

in the darkness
i turned to see the clock
but was distracted
by a huge dark shape
a high still shadow
against the blackness

opening and closing my eyes
i tried to make it go away
i tried to wake up
from the terrible dream
but knew i was not asleep

for a long time
the shadow stood unmoving
but i could hear the breathing
and smell the wildness
of a great bear

and then i heard the giggle
the gruff voice
laughing from deep inside
then the shadow moved
and the mouth opened

hoppy hoppy
it said
as the huge arm swung
out and down in the dark

hoppy hoppy hoppy


the poem, "unexpected things" ©2005 Jim Sutton
all rights reserved
originally published at:
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