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From: yanakiev (stoily...)


I indicate of your attention a building site in Pazardjik town
Bulgaria with solicitation to admit it in your offers for sale. The
building site is with area 12. 681 dka, is located at the entrance to
Pazardjik in bild frontiers in the city and there is a face-106
reciprocal ohms. On"Dimcho Debeliyanov" str. (laic road). It is
located in the new economy zone of the city- in the adjacency there
are framed industrial enterprises, shops and storerooms. Until the
building site there are constructed whatever communications
electricity, plumbing, sewage system, lines, drive .A bus stop is as
well in last phase of the operating procedure for change of sttus quo
a siemens in - trade and services on the city coach conveyance. It
wields in this link:
a spear of the sketch on which it is represented where precisely the
communications, photographs of the building site, a map of the city
and the plan of exploitation, are constructed that is photo in 2
regions so by being in the form-3. I use as well as well videolink:
on which the placement of the
building site of butler is seen
The lie of the allotment in the economic zone is seen. I pinpoint that
the warehouse for wood fabric that is seen of the videocassette
recorder and the photographs is located in the borders of the place.
The rate is 320 000-euro.

Thank you for the attention! Success!

0898/408 331
034/44 06 70
stoilyanakiev @ gmail. com
A name : in Skype: stoil-Jan
Http:// ---- images and
sketches of building site
videolinkof allotment --further images at
building site --"agencies for immovable
real estates" forum

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