God is throwing a Birthday Bash!

From: KLC Lewis -- HeavenIsForSal (REMOVE...)

Heaven Is For Sale!

And not only is God selling-off Heaven, but in honor of The Kid's birthday (yup, the one commonly known as "Jesus"), He is cutting the price by more than HALF! You can own 100 cubic miles of Heaven that you will by yours for all eternity, to do with as you see fit, for less than ten dollars and the price will never be lower -- but you have to hurry! This offer ends January 1 2006, and all Lots are first-come, first served. Why put off securing your own special place in Heaven? If you wait too long, you may miss out forever! Visit our site today, before it's too late!


KLC Lewis
T's Me NOW! http://www.cafepress.com/tmen
HeavenIsForSale http://www.HeavenIsForSale.com

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