interact with app over network: is this possible?, sorry if off topic

From: Louis De Pointe Du Lac (louisd...)


summary :-)

i have a gaming desktop. i have a laptop. as gaming occurs for largish
periods of time on the pc. the laptop is the downloader, browser and
internet workhorse.

this is the case because obviously when i am gaming, i want nothing else
happening in the background.

i have a program called netlimiter operating on the laptop which as soon as
i start gaming i tick to limit the upload and download to 1kb/s (essentially
ceasing traffic interference with the networks adsl bandwidth for online
gaming purposes) then when i have finished gaming i manually untick the
limits on the laptop (if i remember)

sometimes, i forget to a) either turn on the limits and wonder why i am
getting laggy gameplay but b) mostly forget to turn off the limits so that
my downloads, torrents etc can pick up off again at a decent pace. this is
annoying if i have gamed until last thing that night, and forget and then a
whole nights downloading was ruined on the lappy (which gets left on). god
its all so petit isnt it when you write it down!! lol

at the moment, i have a services script which invokes and kills all
processes, apps and explorer before the game and which automatically starts
processes, apps and explorer when i exit the game, using the start /wait
command. thats all fine.

sorry for the backround history, but it gives it context at least.

so basically i would want to have a command sent from my gaming pc
(\\VENDETTA) to my laptop (\\V4) upon the game being launched to somehow
tick these limits on, then when game exits untick the limits.


i launch the game from a dos menu, reason is, is that there is different
flavours of the game, i can choose 64 size map version, singleplayer
(offline), multiplayer (online), special forces etc etc. unfortunately
netlimiter.exe doesnt appear to support command line!!

again, i am not experienced with batch scripting so it may not be possible,
but if i can i always like to implement batch as opposed to third party GUIS
for lean and clean reasons. but would be willing to use third party apps if
that would work (any suggestions appreciated)

many thaks for your time, sry for rambling on

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