Recommended Acts of Ṣalāt

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Recommended Acts of Ṣalāt

Everything mentioned in the manners of Ṣalāt , apart from the conditions of Ṣalāt , its essential and compulsory parts, are all recommended acts. Omitting any of this does not affect the validity of Ṣalāt ; and it is not mandatory to prostrate due to forgetting when any of them is left out. The recommended acts of Ṣalāt are of two types:

Firstly: Recommended Utterances
1-Alistiftah: It is the invocation said (silently) before reciting Fatiha.
2- At-Ta’awuth: It is by saying: “A`udhu bilLahi minas-Shaytanir-Rajeem”.
3-Al-basmalah: It is by saying: “Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem.
4- Any at-tasbeeh (e.g. subhāna rabbiyal a’ la) said after the first one during bowing and prostration.
5- Saying: “Rabbighfirli” other than the first one, in between prostrations.
6-Whatever is said after “Rabbana wa lakal hamdu” while rising from bowing position.
7- Any (i.e. any Surah) recited after Fatiha.
Secondly: Recommended actions
They are numerous, and include:
1- Raising the hands while saying the initiating Takbeer during bowing, rising from bowing and when rising to the third rak’ah.
2- Placing the right hand over the left while standing before and after bowing.
3- Casting the gaze towards the point of prostration.
4- Keeping the arms away from the belly and one’s sides during prostration.
5- Al-iftirāsh: This is a form of sitting, whereby one stands the right foot and places the toes facing the direction of qibla , spreading the left foot while sitting on it. It is Sunnah to do so in all positions of sitting in salah except in the last Tashahud of a salah of more than two rak’as .
Attawaruk : This is a form of sitting, where one stands the right foot with the toes facing the direction of qiblah, and places the left foot under the right leg, , the left foot comes out from underneath the right leg, sitting on the posterior while leaning on the left thigh. It is sunnah to take this position during the last Tashahhud in salah of more than two rah’ahs.

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