Proof the Post Office is Slow!

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Have you ever thought the post office was slow well now here is proof!
I knew the Post Office was slow, but this is ridiculas.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) -- Peter Symons noticed something
odd about a postcard he received in the mail from Florida. "When I
looked at it, I saw it had 4 cents in stamps and I said, 'Well, that's
sort of strange,'" he said. Then he noticed the postmark: Nov. 7, 1955.

The card, which he received Thursday, showed an aerial view of the
Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla. It bore a pair of 2-cent stamps
with the image of Thomas Jefferson and was addressed to "Mrs. Harry
McGee, 1-1135 Davie St., Vancouver 5, B.C., Canada."

The message, written in blue ink, read: "Darling & kids: Arrived
here 6:15 this morning. It's nice and cool now but promises to be a
stinker later on. Am going to have a wash and shoeshine, etc., and go
into town."

It was signed "Love & kisses, Har."

The card was mailed less than a year after the luxury hotel was
opened, said Thomas Bruny, vice president of marketing for Fontainebleau

"I have no idea how it could have been lost for 50 years," he said.

Symons said the card is in good shape with just a couple of bends
on one end.

Bob Taylor, a spokesman for Canada Post, said the delivery truly
was a fluke. "It could have been in the U.S. Postal Service for years,"
he said. "It could have been stuck behind a cabinet. Sometimes these are
found during renovations."

I normally don't like posting an almost full story, but this was the
only way to give the story justice. As I said, 50 years in the delivery
stream is ridiculas.

and that's the way I see it! and now for your thoughts.....

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