Black Tie Party

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Black-tie that with a black tie dress, usually after 18:00 to wear, it is sometimes called dinnerjacket. In the Edwardian era, wearing a black tuxedo with a black vest and bow tie dress the way the basic set of guidelines for the modern Black Tie. Often apply to parties, private dinners, weddings, parties and other semi-formal occasions.

Gentleman dress essentials:

1) Suit: the best choice for the more fashion style single-breasted suit, collar silk texture of the surface to be a mainstream sword collar collar (peaked lapel) and shawl collar (shawl lapel) two kinds.

Men at all levels of the party dress guide

2) Shirt: dress shirt with wing collar and French cuffs, you can cleverly use cufflinks individuality, you can have some chest fold design.

Men at all levels of the party dress guide

3) tie: The texture is consistent with the best collar suit, according to the personal preferences of different qualities and bow tie shape. The current mainstream major diamond shape diamond tie knot, straight knot, large knot, classic knot four. The first two suited men's fashion and personality, the latter two are relatively calm, but also the safest option for the more traditional men.

Men at all levels of the party dress guide

4) Socks: No matter what the occasion, the socks are the men with the most details can not be ignored. For formal occasions, parties, should choose a black silk or wool socks texture, detail illustrates the quality of being.

5) shoes: black patent leather shoes, if you are really no such shoes, you can choose a pair of high-quality black calfskin shoes.

6) pocket towel: pocket towel also allows you to play the details of the personality of the place, linen, silk, cotton land can be, you can choose a font, or fluffy triangle shaped according to personal prom

Men at all levels of the party dress guide

7) vest and a girdle: Black Tie some occasions be seen, but not a must have..

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