Does Your Resume Need a Tune-Up?

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Does Your Resume Need a Tune-Up?

Are you a job seeker who is frustrated in your job search? Are you
getting contacted for jobs that you don't want? Are you sending in
resumes in to hiring managers only to never hear from anyone?

If you are a job seeker, you know what you can do and want to get back
to doing those great things. You pull out the resume you used to get
your last position and simply add the latest employment information
and put it back into service. Time goes by and you never hear from the
hiring manager. You may even get calls from hiring managers that have
nothing to do with your marketing skills. (Example: I used to get
calls from securities brokers who saw the word "security) in my

My company works with people who need to tune-up their resumes. With
over 17 years experience as a technical recruiter, I have a good idea
of what a hiring manager looks for in a resume. We can help your
resume represent you in all your dynamic glory and assist you in
presenting yourself on paper so that the hiring manager can see what
you intend for them to see.

Please visit our website at I think you will be
pleased with what we can offer in assistance. We have kept our prices
deliberately low so that entry level jobseekers and those who have
been out of work awhile can afford out services. We accept our
payments by PayPal. Once we receive payment, you will be asked to send
an old resume by email and we will set up a telephone appointment to
discuss your qualifications. After that, you will have your new resume
by email in about 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Bobbi Sanchez

Chief Wordsmith

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