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How much we will earn depends only on us because the firm pays for the time the surfbar is online. We're earning money all the time while surfing the internet. There is no points limit. There are only 2 limits: if we are not active for more than 15 minutes (we don't click, don't use the keyboard etc.) and the other limit: the surfbar always goes off after 4 hours and we need to open it then.
In Eurobarre there is only 1 but great refferal level. We earn 100% of our refferal.
Now it's time to explain how to register in Eurobarre.
Eurobarre is a French firm and the explanations are in French so I hope my explanations in English will be helpful.
Click INSTALLER on the Eurobarre website - the program is downloaded.
Then install it.
After the installation you can see:
1: on the left you can see your system number; write any 4 digits on the right;
save ALL the numbers (you may need to activate the program once again in case you format your hdd);
2: Select your country
3: Write your e-mail address
4: Click here and you the activation mail will be sent to you; after clicking the mail you start earning money
That's all about the program. The basic question now is: 'How to pay out our money?'
At the end of each month the firm calculates our earnings converting the points to money.
The firm pays to your Moneybookers account.
How to register in Moneybookers? It's easy.
Click THAT link.
Click on the flag of your country
(and next you should do it - ?)
Good luck

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