Black High school football players kicked off team for protesting during national anthem

From: Bro. Edwards (bro.ed...)

CROSBY, Texas -- The football coach of a private high school
near Houston has thrown two players off the team after one knelt
and another raised a fist during the national anthem prior to a

Head coach Ronnie Mitchem told the Houston Chronicle that he had
an understanding with his players at Victory and Praise
Christian Academy in Crosby that they would not protest during
the anthem.

Mitchem, a former Marine, says he doesn't oppose acts of protest
but says doing so during the anthem is offensive to veterans and

After the anthem concluded Friday, he told the two players to
remove their uniforms and that they were dismissed from the
team, the newspaper reported.

One player's mother, Rhonda Brady, says she supports the
players' actions and considered Mitchem's punishment excessive.

"I'm definitely going to have a conversation because I don't
like the way that that was handled," Brady told the Houston
Chronicle. "But I don't want them back on the team. A man with
integrity and morals and ethics and who truly lives by that
wouldn't have done anything like that."

She added, "Actions speak louder than words. So, for him to do
what he did, that really spoke volumes and I don't want my kids
or my nephew to be around a man with no integrity."

The protests come amidst the ongoing movement in the NFL to
protest racial injustice in America. Former San Francisco 49ers
quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the kneeling movement last

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