Movie Review software?

From: King of the R.O.U.S.'s (NG-Stu...)

Hi All

First off sorry about the x-post, but this is a relevant question on
all the groups I'm posting to (unlike most x-post about today).

I've been working freelance for a local paper doing film reviews for a
while now, my work flow so far has been:

1) Write the review in a word processor,
2) Save a formatted version for myself,
3) E-mail a straight ASCII version to them,
4) Procrastinate,
5) Think about next review

So far this has been fine, but I'm now getting loads of sperate
reviews clogging up my reviews folder. I have also been asked to write
some freelance stuff on a regular basis for a website, this will need
to have screen-caps included.

Is anybody aware of any software that has good formatting functions,
and will keep everything together in a big database (including image
files with luck) to save having to keep loads of little sperate files?

Functionality is far more important than (lack of) cost.



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