European Actors playing Asian Characters

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While watching some 70 year old movies (al least, if not more) on the Turner
Classic Movie Channel, I was struck by the fact that the leading 3 Asian
characters were all played by European actors.
Charlie Chan, by the Swedish actor Warner Oland, 1879 - 1938.
Mr.Moto by the Hungarian actor Peter Lorrie, 1904 - 1964.
Mr.Wong by the English actor Boris Karloff, 1887 - 1969.
If Hollywood were ever to bring back any of those Asian characters,
who I wonder would they ever pick to plat them?
Would Hollywood set those stories in the old pre-world war II settings,
or would they try to up date them some what?
By that I mean if not the 1930's then at any kind of 10 increments
up to the present day.

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European Actors playing Asian Characters... by curmudgeon on Jun 14th 2008, 03:14