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On Thursday, February 12, 2004 at 5:47:18 PM UTC-7, Edshugeo wrote:
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> > > Hello. I am looking for info on the Fudoh soundtrack. Specifically, I
> > want
> > > to know what song is played in the strip club while Mika is doing her dart
> > > thing. Any info appreciated. Thanks!
> > >
> >
> > I don't have any real info, but listening to it drives me nuts because it
> > sounds familiar. It seems to sample portions of a Prince track, "Come", but
> > the keyboard line suggests they used an alternate take found on bootlegs
> > rather than the album version which is very brassy and less techno sounding.
> I was right about Prince, but wrong about the song. It's I Want to
> Melt With U from the Symbol album (the symbol being the thing that
> became his stage name for a while). The one in the movie seems to be a
> re-mix of some sort. Whether it's official or created from samples of
> the original I don't know. I was listening to the album on my way home
> tonight when I heard that phrase; "yeah, do dat, baby" and some other
> tell tale pieces.

I've been wondering the same thing for about 15 years since I first saw this movie, and when we finally Shazam'ed it, the Prince song I Want to Melt with U came up too. But when I searched that song and listened to it, it sounds nothing like it does in the scene. I can't find any other info and still want to find the version that plays in that scene. Why is it so hard??

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