Merry Christmas To You

From: William Keith Mahler (willia...)

Merry Christmas To You
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Performed and recorded near sundown, east coast of usa, cape cod,
Massachusetts, Christmas eve 2004 with a Audigy 2 soundcard and sony
electronic condenser mic (awesome mic) along with a gateway pc.

The next morning the biggest tsunami since the age of dinosaurs wrecked
the coastline of ever country from south Africa to the tip of south
America and all points between, killing 350,000 people in under 3 weeks.

The song, is just under 3:50, 3:47 long and I swear, the harmonica sounds
like rolling waves with the word “storm warning”.

“These waves are crashing down and all I remember is, lying on the ground”
is one of the lyrics.

Copyright and loaded to ASCAP the same night it was recorded.

Distributed from the now defunct but advertised as a free song
worldwide in every country via and too.
The one area that had little notice of the song was northern Australia,
the origin of the tsunami.

The day after Christmas from yarmouth to Hyannis, anyone that learned of
me was offering free food, anything I wanted.

A major newspaper in china had my face and a story about the timing and
content of the song on the front page, although I never read it.
President bush asked me if the tsunami was the cause of nuclear weapons.
...why he asked is entirely another story as to how we knew each other,
based on non lethal technologies and more, another time and place for that

Enjoy the song and its romantic.


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