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From: Loupou22 (GoSuck...)

Hi Everyone,
My wife has recently setup a new Etsy shop, selling a variety of handmade quilts and cool bags etc...
However, the traffic generated to the shop is usually only coming from within Etsy itself, rather than from outside sources!
Despite this, she has been moderately successful in selling a number of her quilts, as they are a modern take on a traditional craft, shipping a number of them to the USA, the UK, and even Norway :); including a custom order for a cat themed Christmas quilt for a client in France. She really loves the idea of her quilts getting to these places, especially as we have travelled in the USA (We did a Route 66 Road Trip and it was fantastic and the people were so nice) but, as noted above, she is struggling to get her shop promoted outside of the Etsy website.
Given this, I am putting this message in a number of newsgroups with a high volume of traffic, in the hope of generating more interest from outside of the etsy environment. I appreciate that in some newsgroups this is not acceptable, and may even be seen as spam by some, so please accept my sincere apologies if this is the case in your particular group & feel free to kill filter me :).
I will not be offended, but I am hoping that most of you will appreciate the need for extra income in these tough economic times, and that most of us will try and do anything to help those we love (She really does love to quilt) :).
She doesn't have a large stock of items in her shop at the moment, but this is mainly due to the fact that we are holding down other jobs, and the fact that making a quilt takes time - as does the making of any craft based item :) But you may find something that you like, or may get ideas for something that you might like in the future.
The Etsy shop is
Many thanks to those who take the time to read this, and then choose to visit her shop ? or even for passing this on to others who may like this type of bespoke craft based items.
Kind regards and best wishes,

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