totally tabitha 3 vore vids in one download

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Totally Tabitha. 3 Vore, fantasy, cannibalism, Clips. 640 HD
1. "To Serve Woman" Tabitha is invited aboard a space ship in twilights zone style, only to find out they are taking her to their planet to eat her! See and hear her describe each woman part recipe as she reads the cook book. 2. "Hansel and Gretel. Gretel Blows it" Hansel is locked in a cage. Gretel is happy, she hates her brother, not enough not to give him a blow job before the witch eats him. Well, with a frying pan on the head, Gretel wakes up to find herself in the oven. Its' her that is going to be the witches feast. Hansel is overjoyed. Using a rubber dildo, and not showing Hansel's face, you will feel like you are the one in the cage getting the blowjob. Real nicely done. 3, "Tammy Fryer and the Three Bears" After filming the three bears, and the film crew leave, Tammy takes a nap in the cottage, only to find that three hungry bears really do live there. She is cooked in the wok, and eaten by the three bears.

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