New Vid: To Serve Woman

From: nibble (nibble...)

Somebody had to do it!!!!

This is the old Twilights Zone episode, the way you always wanted it
to be!

Melissa Swallows has been invited about an alien spaceship to find out
how they Serve Women on their planet. Bill tries to stop her, he has
found out that the book, in their language, when translated, is a cook
book! But he is too late, the door to the ship closes.

On her way to the Cannimites planet, they feed her, and give her a
translated copy of the book to read, while she sits in horror, in her

She is horrified, but then starts getting off while she reads the
different ways they cook parts of a woman's body.

Arriving on the planet, the aliens give her an injection to numb her
body, then begin to nibble on all her parts.

Finally, the master Cannimite, swallows her whole, kicking and
screaming. She gets slowly digested in his stomach. 19mins 38 secs


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