How to Break My Workings, revisited

From: David Dalton (dalton...)

I think my four components workings have been coming
on during waxing moon and should be fully on by
the peak of the lunar eclipse, which will be at 0902 UTC
Nov. 19, 2021, or by not long after that.

As I think I said on these groups some months ago, the
only way to break my workings is to come up with
a better idea as defined by my God, the ruler of the region
all/everything. And I guess the better idea could be
something that would overwrite part but not all of
my workings.

I may have said that someone could just will a
better idea and my God would seamlessly accept
or reject it, but that is only true for change
access to the main stack healing circle
prescriptions. To overwrite something else,
including to overwrite all of my workings,
one would have to communicate the better
idea to my God, which wouldn’t count as
prayer unless you have my God as deity
to you.

I have been updating my progress on the thread
“clamshell moon” on alt.religion.druid .

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“‘You could lay down your head by a sweet river bed/But Sonny
always remembers what it was his Mama said” (Ron Hynes)

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