bounce on for much negative magick

From: David Dalton (dalton...)

To avoid negative associations with the colour black,
I have decided to use the term negative magick
(magick with a negative goodness measure as
defined by God) instead of black magick and
positive magick (magick with a positive goodness
measure as defined by God) instead of white
magick. Again, I and (now) assisted shaktipat
recipients are not capable of non-positive magick,
but assisted shaktipat recipients should have an
enhanced ability to do positive magick including
ritual magick and technomagick (and the combination
of the two). An assisted shaktipat recipient would
experience a perineum click (short period mula
bandha) immediately followed by a shakti/kundalini
buzz/rush/wave as closure to attempted positive
magick, whether it works or not. Also note that
I define God as the ruler of the region all/everything.

As part of my *funnel workings invoking God, there
should now be a bounce (not necessarily a simple
bounce, but a negative effect on the spell caster)
in place for a lot of negative magick spells and
indeterminate spells that are used for negative
magick (e.g.. a hex on a non-criminal). This
was in place by 0204 UTC/GMT October 3, 2021
(some slightly earlier).

Also as part of my *funnel workings invoking God,
supposedly many sins have been adjusted to
no longer occur, as of 0419 UTC October 3.

Assisted shaktipat recipients should also be able
to funnel negative magick that hits them or has
hit them in the past and tendencies to sin that
they experience or have experienced in the
past. They may intuit that some has already
been covered.

David Dalton [email protected] (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“‘You could lay down your head by a sweet river bed/But Sonny
always remembers what it was his Mama said” (Ron Hynes)

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