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Valuable Information -- at No Cost to You

(And there's lots more in our free online guide.)

Ever notice how many people place -- and read -- ads? At one time or
another just about everyone will advertise something. And most people read
ads when looking for a product that will enhance their lives and/or work.

Advertising is everywhere. And still most businesses (and individuals) are
looking for new places to advertise. They need to reach more people.

Why not be in a business that offers advertising space to everyone in your
area -- or to everyone sharing your industry or special interest?

Why not enjoy you life, your work -- your own successful (and real)
publishing business?

Free online guide tells how to begin making real income in a genuine and
respected business.

Have real customers, real subscriptions, real results that you can influence
and control with every issue. Produce something tangible and useful to your
own local area or special interest industry.

Just about anyone can start and operate a small newspaper business. I did
it and I believe you can too.

Starting and operating a small newspaper isn't as difficult as many people
think. And many successful small newspapers have been started at home, with
only a tiny space devoted to the business.

IMPORTANT FACT: Many small newspapers quickly develop into big business for
the publishers.

Free online guide shows you how to start a small newspaper. Even covers how
a newspaper can be started without capital.

Can you talk to people? Can you take pictures?

Can you research details at a local library or on the internet?

Can you write with the help of a dictionary?

Can you operate a home computer, scanner, and printer?

You don't need a degree in journalism. You don't need experience in the
newspaper business. You need no previous sales experience.

You may be able to start a newspaper in as little as one week.

Free information, illustrations, and examples.

Find out how at:

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