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# in April on heroin-smuggling charges be returned to face trial here,
# American officials insisted United States extradition laws be followed.
# Hamidullah Kansi said, "What is American law? Is it fair?
# Does American law say you go anywhere and pick up anybody?"

According to the U.S. Supreme Court: yep.

We don't have to respect other countries' laws.

We are the New World Order.


And judges have agreed we should be mass monitored for fluid correctness.

Which unwittingly added to the beating of the War drums, not in any way
solving the drug problem...judges themselves are now monitored for
politically correct mandatory minimum prison sentences.

What goes around, comes around...


# "Minister Who Sought Peace Dies in a Botched Drug Raid"
# By Sara Rimer, The New York Times, March 28, 1994
# Boston, March 27--- Tensions between the police and black Bostonians
# intensified after the murder of Carol Stuart in 1989. Charles Stuart
# said that a black robber had killed his pregnant wife.
# Police subsequently stopped AND SEARCHED many black men in the Mission
# Hill neighborhood, where the shooting had occurred, and eventually
# arrested a suspect, a black man with a criminal record.
# A month later, Mr. Stuart was implicated by his brother in the murder,
# and he committed suicide by jumping into Boston Harbor.
# An elderly Methodist minister, described as a quiet and dignified man
# who has for decades comforted and counseled people throughout the
# Caribbean and struggled against drug abuse on the islands, died Friday,
# when a SWAT team burst into his apartment unannounced, looking for drugs.
# They misread a floor plan by "an informer."
# The same Drug Control Unit was investigated for a death in 1988

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