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through NSA keyword monitoring each year.

And who is listening to all our court authorized conversations?

* "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996
* Under a little-noticed section of a 1986 law, Congress dropped the
* requirement that only the FBI's high-priced Special Agents could
* listen to the tapes. The FBI now hires low-cost clerks for what must
* be extremely tedious work.

An army of low-cost clerks are listening to our private conversations?

I feel sick.


Conclusion: Louis Freeh is a manipulative liar.

Louis Freeh is a Scary Man with the morals of a styrofoam cup.


National ID Card
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* C-SPAN Congressional Television: outside coming down the Senate building's
* steps, Senator Biden with Senator Simpson in tow proclaims: "What's wrong
* with a National ID Card? It's the same tired old arguments against it."

As if sane people shouldn't be paranoid about a National ID Card.

* "New Rules Mean Job-Hunters Need Proof of Identity", The New York Times
* Passports, driver's licenses, Social Security cards or birth certificates
* will be allowed to serve as identity papers.
* A 1982 proposal to catch illegal aliens by giving American workers
* "counterfeit-proof" identity cards was hooted off the boards as a
* threat to individual liberty.

How bad would a National ID Card be?

Bad. Real bad.

You would be required to carry it at all times.

It's all about surveillance and control.

This section is about the National ID Card, plus deployment of a
mix of surveillance and control techniques for tracking people.

In California a few years back the police kept hassling a black man who liked
to walk around at night to think. Unfortunately, he wasn't white, but liked
to walk around white neighborhoods. [Anyone with detailed info

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