Vandals target cable equipment

From: zimm (anonym...)

Someday someone will break in cable headend at somewhere and starting
destroying video equipment or burn it down.,28823424?hilite=suddenlink+vandal

Time Warner Cable's TV channel shift draws interference from Verizon LTE

especially it's inferred the police radio, weather radio, EMT, cell phones,
ham radios, and others.

Press TV, Russia Today, CCTV News, and all media from Russia is all

"cameo" wrote in message news:[email protected]

Upto last night I was able to receive the local Seattle channels without
the Comcast box in HD quality with my clear QAM TV set. The local analog
channels were long gone, but the digital ones worked better without the
Comcast box than with it. But this morning I could no longer receive
those either, and the "Scrambled channel or weak signal" message
displayed instead. I wonder if anybody else on this NG is from the
Seattle metro area and could verify this. There is an outside chance
that it's due to weak signal due to some soaked cable because we've had
a lot of rain last night, but then why would I still get the signal
through the box? I have not seen any announcement from Comcast about
this new scrambling though.

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