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$30,000 In The First Year With SBI

By: Yegyan from natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed.com » Date of Post: 2010-11-10 00:33:01-05

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SBI is truly the best investment any business person can make.

I had been a management consultant for 15 years and saw how important the need to have a presence on the net was.

But finding training for how to do it without the guesswork was a challenge.. I found so much advice on the internet and in books. But there was so much contrary information it was driving me crazy.

Eventually I found some sound advice and started making some progress. It was so much work I started to wonder if it was worth it. And the profit margins were so low, because I was paying so much for all the services I needed for all the components I needed to be profitable. I had 20 blogs and a main site and was updating all of them.

Then I stumbled across SBI and it hit upon a key concept that was so clear and exactly what I needed. It said it was a one stop resource for an individual to make money online. If that was true it could be the answer I was looking for.

I signed up for the trial period and after seeing the training, I slapped my forehead and almost died when I saw what SBI was.

It was everything I needed to make money from a website in one place. I was subscribing to several different services and paying every month almost what it costs to have SBI for one year. SBI also did them better.

The most valuable thing for me was the Action Guide. This guide would have saved me 3 years of chasing tutorials and courses that I paid thousands for.. It put everything in perspective.

Now, instead of 20 blogs, I have one site and make more money with that in a tenth of the time.

Because I had made so many mistakes prior to getting to SBI, I saw its value. Especially in the training. I already learned the hard way that all the things that most people (including me) felt was most important about a site was actually the least important.

So I made a commitment to align all my experience with what the SBI Action Guide taught. It paid off.

In my first year. 12 months after paying for SBI I made over $30,000 from selling my services.

- One website versus 20 blogs.

- One hour versus ten.

- One service I was paying for versus 6.

- One place for support that all makes sense rather than 6 that conflicted with each other.

- One source of like-minded business owners to network with and joint-venture with compared to endless hours cold contacting other website owners.

That is a huge ROI. The second year I looked back at the parts of the SBI Action Guide I did not do so well and corrected those. Now my income has gone up even more and I am getting more done with less time.

With Content 2.0, there is more result for less work. With the right hand third column I am getting more subscriptions and sales.

I used to have a “job†but now do this full time and am spending all my “work†time with something I am passionate about. My business has expanded. I have a constant stream of success stories.

But you know what is the most important benefit SBI has helped me do?

Above the financial freedom, the ability to work from home, the ability to make money while I sleep, the ability to make money with what I love, to meet wonderful people?

I am a healer. SBI has allowed me to reach more people all over the world with my holistic health practice and save them from potentially harmful illnesses. That was the intent all along.

I remember all the clients I used to have as a management consultants who had to take out loans to start their practices. I got mine started late one evening and am never looking back.

SBI has been so responsive and come up with updates that are so unbelievably valuable to making money organically and sustainably.

I am lucky to have this.



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