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From: CyberTron ([email protected])

Hi there,

· If you are in the health or alternative health business,
· if you know about energetic medicine devices like EAV, Bioresonance, CEDS e.g.,
· if you are a top-selling person or company,
· if you have determination,
· if you are willing to sell a absolutely first-class Medical Device „Made in Germany“,
· if you want to change your life today….

….then send us an e-mail now!!

We are an Australian Company, in this business since 1993 and have lots of experience in developing, sales and training in more than 20 countries.

We are looking for distributors in several countries. Let us know how we can work together.

You can find more about our product here:


Wolf-Dieter F. Kehren, PhD

AussiMed Pty. Ltd.

[email protected].eu


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