PerryV rocks in 2008

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PerryV releases the schedule for 2008

In 2008 PerryV will be back with new material. In total 5 new songs will be
released through the internet, on the site and the other
songs will be added to the demo CD.

5 E-Songs

After several years working with music and releases like "In Full
Pontificals", "101" and "Winter", PerryV returns with new music. Songs like
"Move Along" and "Night" are scheduled to be released during this year and
will be published on the internet, through the internet site
The first song, which is scheduled to be released on May 24th, will be "Move
Along". More information about the song will be released through the
internet site


On the demo CD which is scheduled to be released for the record companies at
the end of this year will feature songs like "When", "Darkness" and the song
"The Body" which is a production and cooperation with Kenneth Bodin, a
Swedish actor, played in the television-serie "Sjštte dagen" from 1999. The
demo CD will feature in total 18 songs. The choice for the final collection.

More about the music and PerryV can be found on

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