FA/FS : Many boxed/new ATARI 2600/7800 carts for homebrewers

From: (Ulrich...)

Take a look at my buy - it - now auctions on ebay :


Great for resellers or homebrewers who need cartridge shells. Many
games for only $1 or less.

All the games are NEW, boxed + instructions.

ATARI 800 XL/XE games are NTSC.

Some controllers, Paddles and Keyboard Controllers available, too.

Shipping of games can be combined.

I can accept paypal as payment and I will ship worldwide.

I do also sell a few Commodore 64 games; ATARISOFT games for Apple II
and IBM PC and a few ATARI LYNX and Jaguar games, a few Colecovision
games and a few Mattel Intellivision games.

I will also sell without ebay, please ask for a LIST or search for my
older usenet posts or check my list at www.atariage.com as lord-chaos.

My email address is [email protected] (Germany)

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