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We teach people how to build a successful home business, so we are
pleased to have your kind inquiry. To share our experience and know
how with you is our pleasure.

General speaking, there are two steps to start up your own business,
and the cost is about HK 1800 (1BC), or HK 4800 (3BC).

1. Distributor Start Kits: It cost you HK. 300. All company policy and
procedure, training manuals, product brochures and compensation plan
are included.

2. Start up 1 or 3 Business Center (BC): You can purchase any USANA
items you want. When the amount is over USD. 150, approx. HK 1500, it
means 1 BC. Then, the amount is over USD. 450 within 6 weeks, approx.
HK. 4500, means you start up 3 business center.

This business is a teaching business instead of the selling business.
Both start up and running cost is fair. Please do not hesitate to
inquire us for more information you want. Both English and Chinese are
available. We shall be glad to communicate with you. Thanks you.

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