Law Enforcement Gone Wild

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Law Enforcement Gone Wild

Ever wonder about secret classified technology mentioned on TV news
reports that give law enforcement the ability to hear and see through
walls? What are the capabilities of this technology? Where is it kept?
What safeguards are in place to guarantee it is not misused?

You will be shocked to learn that law enforcement has been abusing this
technology for years, possibly decades. Law enforcement has formed
secret police groups that covertly and illegally use this technology to
conduct illegal surveillance against innocent American civilians.

The technology can be used to electronically see and hear right through
the walls of your home. All your conversations and movements in your
home can be monitored and recorded completely without your knowledge.
For more information, please visit the website listed below.


[email protected]

Please Note: Postings on newsgroups of messages relating to this topic
are being removed possibly by the government. Hundreds of newsgroup
postings of related subjects have been removed, sometimes within a few
hours of initial postings. Please copy this information and repost it
in any appropriate newsgroup, including this one. Also, please send
this information to any federal, state, local law enforcement, congress
person, and senator you know of.

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