Absolutely Everything you Need for Your MP3 player and Audio Files

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Free Access to over 3,000,000 songs Free, for PC, or ipod!

Get Unlimited Access to over 3,000,000+ Great Songs with CD quality audio absolutely free. Unlimited transfer of songs to your pc, or your IPod or other mp3 player. Check it out for free and it is 100% legal!


Napster is Now Free!

Try Napster for a week and get total access to there complete song library which numbers well into the millions. All at very high quality sampling rates. All music recorded at CD quality or better. Try it for free, you have nothing to lose.


Burn Your Audio, Copy Your DVD's and more!

From CD/DVD Burning, to DVD authoring, to Photo editing, to Computer backup, the Roxio & Sonic product line has it all for both PC & Mac with rave reviews from PC Magazine, The New York Times, CNET & many more!


CD/DVD Burning, copying, editing and authoring for Mac and PC

The software package at the link below enable you to do everything you can imagine with all cd formats, dvd's and more. Copy, Create, Burn, Rip, etc. There are shareware verions of software out there but they just can't compete with these two product lines.


Huge Clearance on Musical Gear 70% off

GearTree is having a huge clearance on all kinds of instruments, audio gear and more. Don't miss out, it's first come first serve.


Best Guitar, Best Gear, Best Deals

Whether you are a beginner or a professional all the gear and instruments you'll eve need can be found online at seriously discounted prices. I have shopped at both stores online and had no problems these are my two favorites



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