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How to install an older game program like
[AREA 51(R).msi] onto Win Vista HP 64
So long as your USER account is one of the the
administrator accounts And your disk security
gives you full rights with admistrator ownership.
If you research the setup.ini file on this disc
you will see the AREA 51(R) disc was originally built to
install into Winxp to Win95 32 bit with
Installer versions 3 or earlier. The newest
is like 4.5 which is what I have.
Vista 64 will use nothing before version 4.5

7:01 PM 8/14/2010 MST = UTC-7Hrs

With Area 51 Disc 1 in the cd\dvd drive,
open a command prompt window.

Many people are saying they can install with the
/i switch but I had to use the /a or administrative
network/server switch.

One Which Worked For Me:

First of all get the patch then familiarize yourself
with the following command [msiexec /? > msiexec.txt]
it will create the file named [msiexec.txt] containing
a bit of help in how to use this command.
Go online to see how others are using it.

First Of all, Disable your network adaptor
so you will NOT be online during installation.
This is a safety thing for myself to avoid
instant transmissions which might be
caused if the program to install
has spyware or virus contained within it.

Go into MSCONFIG and see where the
command startup lines are which will tell you
where the RUN command is then you can
take that info into regedit and EXPORT the key before
deleting the text string command in the run key area
then you will not have third party
services running in the background with
a normal startup. I know of no startup
programs necessary for most everyday use.
You can always click on that exported
reg file to restore the startup item or process.
Unless its punkbuster or steam or ea related
no problemo at least for myself.

These exact steps got me to install this program when
no other way would work.

1. Go into the administrative command line Console and run this:
msiexec /a "[CD/DVD DRIVE] F:\Area 51(R).msi" /l* c:\Area51.log

2. Then Apply The Patch
16.8 MB (17,680,384 bytes)

3. Go into folder and save to desktop
Give Administrator rights to the shortcut
Rename the ICON or change it or whatever

5. Run Program by clicking ICON

With some installer programs
Using Quiet mode will allow the use of an answer file
which was previously created.
The answer file is ignored unless you use quiet mode.

msiexec /i "F:\Area 51(R).msi" /q
[ this command did not work for me]

msiexec /i "F:\Area 51(R).msi" /l* c:\Area51.log
[ this command did not work for me]

Gut Luk Comrrrrad;
[Former OBC member]

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